MIDI Yoke Input Not Working

Out of nowhere, Live stopped receiving messages from MIDI Yoke. 

My current MIDI setup is: MP128 MIDI Buddy > AKAI EIE Pro > Bomes MIDI Translator > MIDI Yoke > Ableton.  I also use: AKAI MPK Mini > Ableton.

I know it is not the MIDI Buddy or the AKAI EIE Pro because when I bypass MIDI Yoke and just have the MIDI messages go: MP128 MIDI Buddy > AKAI EIE Pro > Ableton, Ableton receives the MIDI messages.

Also, all of the MIDI Yoke inputs and outputs do appear in Bomes MIDI Translator, and all of the MIDI Yoke inputs and outputs do appear in Ableton.  So I believe MIDI Yoke is installed correctly.

So I've determined its either MIDI Yoke not working even though its installed, Ableton not recognizing MIDI Yoke, or Bomes MIDI Translator not sending the MIDI Yoke output.

I tried reinstalling Bomes MIDI Translator and multiple different versions of MIDI Yoke to no avail.

I am using Windows 7 32-bit.

Any thoughts?


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BooshBass 2 years ago | 0 comments

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