midi trigger causing delay

Using key mapper, I'm able to have a single key mapped to 5 different actions that I trigger simultaneously. Everything works perfect without issue. However, when I attempt to duplicate this with midi, setting everything up exactly the same with the only exception being that I am now triggering with a midi note assigned to the 5 different actions, I get a pause or delay in the playback.

This is related to dynamic cue tracks. Basically, I have a cue track session, a repeat cue track session, and shout-out track session. Max4Live Follow is assigned to the cue track and when I press the keyboard key to repeat a section, it toggle Follow to "Again", flips the volume sliders to mute cue and un-mute repeat cue and shout-out and it plays the single shout-out track located at the top of my set list. 

As mentioned in the first paragraph this all works perfectly with the computer keyboard key map. When I hid the mapped key it works every time without fail. On the flip side when I map all these actions to a midi not pressed on my SoftStep 2 it flips the volume sliders correct, switches Follow to "Again" and plays the "shout-out" track, but all audio output is delayed for about 1ish seconds. The volume slider toggle without delay, but everything just goes silent.

Any suggestions on how to fix this would be great. Below is my tech specs

Live 9 standard with Max4Live add-on
Mac OS 10.12.4 (macbook air)
Follow SCENE 4.0.2
SoftStep 2 (stand alone mode basic config - channel 6)

Only the softstep is on channel 6 and as far as I can tell I have no conflicts as the SS2 is triggering stop, play, and track mutes via midi note without issue.

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jarsdo 1 year ago | 0 comments

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