"Midi To" option missing


I just noticed that when I create a new Midi-track, in the I/O options it says Audio To instead of Midi To. How can I get the option to be able to send midi also?




daveymas 1 year ago | 0 comments

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  • acidic2010
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    Look at the chain on your MIDI track - if there are any devices (eg, empty Instrument Rack, Audio Effects, etc.), just delete them ALL and your I/O "Audio To" should switch to a "MIDI To" - It appears if it's truly a MIDI-only channel, no other Audio-related effects or devices can reside there - It must remain data-only 

    I had this same problem trying to run Stutter Edit as a MIDI effect - Note, at one point, in order to save time when adding instruments / FX while producing, I had created a MIDI Track, loaded up a bunch of audio effects on it, and then Right-Clicked the top of the channel, and selected "Save as default MIDI track" - If you did this too, you might consider reseting your default MIDI track to a blank track stripped of all devices / FX, as mentioned above - Good luck

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  • daveymas
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    Aaah, cheers man! That's exactly what I did hehe.. Deleting every device on the track worked :)

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