MIDI Takeover Problem with Launch Control XL

I'm having some problems with Midi Takeover with the Novation Launch Control XL.
When scrolling through tracks left and right, Pick-up Takeover works as it should.  But when I switch between banks on Factory or User mode, Midi Takeover no longer works and the value jumps to the value the knob is already set to.  

 For example: 

In factory bank 1 I turn up send A, I move the track select to the right once, I turn the same knob I used for send A, Midi Takeover in Pick up mode works as it should.

Example 2:

In factory bank 1 I turn up send A, I switch to factory bank 2 and turn up cutoff on a filter,  Value for filter jumps to where I had previously set send A. 

How can I keep soft-takeover enabled when switching through banks?


ethanhansen612 10 months ago | 0 comments

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  • bagnolessa
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    Same problem here, but I have the small Launch control. it's driving me nuts.

    6 months ago | 0 comments

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