Midi-Sync Problem with Ableton and Electribe 2

Hey Guys!
Im having problems with syncing my Electribe 2 with Ableton.
Heres the setup:
Apc 40 Mk2
Roland Aira Vt3
Electribe 2
Ableton Live 9 Suite
8 Tracks limit so i dont have to change banks on the Apc while playing live. 
Nevertheless i´ve got loads of effects on the 8 tracks...but ive tested the whole arrangement in a slightly different setup for months now and it seems to be stable and not to much for my computer. 
This particular behavior started with plugging and syncing the Electribe 2 into the system.
Here´s how i reproduce the problem:
I get it all synced perfectly first. But when i start switching the focus back and forth between my effects on the different tracks or the tracks itself in Ableton via the Apc 40, all starts to totally get out of sync.
I can literally "desync" the whole running system, when i do this a little faster for 4-5 times in a row in a short period of time.
The cpu is at around 40% in Ableton so that cant be the reason for slowing/ desyncing the whole process i think. 
Ive tried heavy using of software synths like NI Razor or Monark to see if thats the reason but that doesnt seem to jam the sync. 
Its definitetly the switching of focus between the grouped Effects or tracks itself.
When i hit stop and play, its all synced again. 
But anyhow - this is of course a great bummer for playing live.
Any other ideas what i could try or do to solve the problem and stabilize the operation?
All the best and thanks for your time,


flippo2007 3 years ago | 0 comments

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