Midi Sync ( hybrid hardware and analog hardware



i have a Arturia Spark and quasimidi ravelution , novation nova , future retro revolution and yamaha  tenori-on .


i have need an information about sync clock

how can I synchronize ( Midi Sync )  all of these hardware through ableton ?

i have many difficult in the setting of the midi .

if I connect the spark to ableton
how can I synchronize all the other tools to ableton?


thanks and best regards


kellerfab 6 years ago | 0 comments

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  • scottiedo
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    First, you have to check each piece of hardware to see if it can slave to MIDI Clock. That is what Ableton is sending.

    Second, Make sure the MIDI output you have your cable connected to has "Sync" turned ON in MIDI preferences.

    Third, set your other hardware to Slave or to External Clock.

    After that, it's just a matter of getting everything plugged in correctly and settings.

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  • jasefos
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    For the case of Arturia Spark (and NI's Maschine), because these are hybrid devices whereby the synth engine is entirely within a hosted AU or VST plugin, there is no need to establish a syncronisation link in the same manner you would for entirely out-of-the-box devices since clock events are automatically passed to any AU/VST plugin hosted within Ableton.

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