Midi Server CPU Usage 100+%

What I'm trying to do -- send Midi messages from Ableton to ProPresenter on another Mac in order to trigger a video.

Each time I connected via our Network, once I started sending Midi signals, the CPU usage would jump to 100.4%!  No idea how or why that happened.  Also, every time I tried to open up the Midi Setup window, it said that I couldn't.  But once I closed the Midi Setup down completely and opened it again, then it would work.

Now, I'm trying to bypass that and use the free software IPMidi Setup in order to send midi over an ethernet cable.  But I have yet to have any success.  As much as I can tell, ProPresenter is set up right and we purchased the Midi Module plugin for it.  But the $@&#*$&#&&@@ thing still won't work!!

I've followed the tutorials and all the videos I could find, but I'm having no luck whatsoever.  I THINK the midi signals are being sent, but I have no idea how to test that out.  It doesn't help that I don't know where to go for help -- Ableton?  Renewed Vision?  So, I guess I just need to make sure my connection is setup right from the start, then verify that the Ableton settings are correct, and finally, ProPresenter.

Has anyone had any issues similar to this???

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musmin2415 1 year ago | 0 comments

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