Midi script writing help needed

Hi there,


 I´m wondering if someone could give a hand writting a customised midi script for a nanokontrol2 on live 9.5,

Ok I know, this could be kind a big deal, theres not much information out there + python is a pain in the ass if you will.


 My idea would be writing a script such as the mackiecontrol one + a combination of commands able to toggle 2 added modifiers to take control of macro knobs within racks and send knobs per channel respectively.


 For the ones that many dont know the nanokontrol translate the mackie script on a rather basic way leaving you with just simple controls such as (*seek fwrd & backwrd *stop *play *record *cycle loop *marker set and jump to next/prev *track selecting as well as *solo *mute and *arm per track channel + *volume faders + *panorama pots) to name them all.


 All of those essential if you ask me, just looking forward to expand this control possibilities just a bit as well as improving my workflow and why not others that own this device too.


Hope you can guide me toward making this idea a reality.


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kevtubio 1 year ago | 0 comments

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