MIDI routing tool that can be remote controlled?


I'm looking for alternate solutions for a MIDI issue that, according to Ableton support, can't be solved within the software.

The problem is Live's handling of MIDI playthrough: If you set up an "External Instrument", Live will add an audio-buffer-dependent amount of latency to your MIDI notes, resulting in sluggish response. Apparently this was introduced intentionally to reduce MIDI Jitter. 

Example setup: You play on a synth that is set to "local off", sending the MIDI notes to Live, which sends them back to your synth via "External Instrument". Live will delay the MIDI notes by roughly the roundtrip audio latency of your system. If you then monitor your synth's audio through Live (which is the point of an External Instrument), you will hear the synth only after ~twice the duration of your roundtrip audio latency.

So now I plan to bypass Live and instead send the MIDI notes back to the synth using some small MIDI routing tool - "MIDI patchbay" works, for example. However I want to be able to switch this on and off using a button (on the APC40, for example). Do you know of a MIDI routing tool that can be remote controlled using MIDI/Sysex messages?

Thanks a lot!

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    There's a great set of free tools on the Isotonik website 'Myr Performance Utilities' created by James Waterworth. One of them is a mappable routing tool.

    Watch the video here: http://isotonikstudios.com/myr/performance-utilities/

    Alternatively you could nest 'MIDI Patchbay' inside an effect rack or group and MIDI map the on/off button.

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