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hi guys,

i'm on live 9 and i'm facing a problem with midi quantization...

i recording, let's say a 4 bar loop in arrangement view with midi events of the loop length size, like a chord of 4 bar length, and when i finish recording with all the global and the record quantization set to none, the recorded clip is double the size of the loop and midi events are in the clip before the begging of the loop... if i double undo then i've got a clip with the size of the loop with everything how it should be...

am i missing something in the preferences?

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    Ableton automatically does this whenever you record, and it is actually a really handy feature once you get used to it and know how to utilize it.

    If you are recording inside of a loop, and even for one sample, let the loop go for too long because you do not have your global quantize set, you will end up with a clip (when you open the clip overview) that is (in your case, twice the length) any multiple of the original loop length. This means that if you go over for even a 32nd longer than 4 bars then you will end up with a loop that is 8 bars.

    Something very similar happens to this when you are recording audio, except the clip is only as long as you were recording, and an easy fix to the issue is to just space out the clip that is shown in the arrangement view, to only show a part of the total clip that was recorded.

    This is especially helpful when you just want to noodle over a part of a song to see what you can come up with or stack chords for a progression.

    But back to your question... In order to remedy this situation and give you a clean 4 bar clip, all you need to do is set your global quantization (located next to the metronome) to 4 bars or whatever your loop is divisible by and hit your spacebar, or your stop button before the 4 bars are up so that Ableton can stop transport for you.

    Any more questions?

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