Midi problems with apc40/korg taktile 49/launchpad

So I'am having problems with my controller configuration right now and I am not sure why I am having problems with, my best guess is the CC config with the apc40 and the korg tk49 is having a problem understanding both CC values being changed. My apc 40 on the bottom 8 macros kinda stutter and move in a strange way and so do the knobs on korg tk 49. I understand that people have told me to config my midi channels differently and I think i just need a better understanding of how CC values work on a multiple midi controller scheme and I just am not used to this. I would appreciate help with this I have been using ableton for 4-5 years but then with 3 midi controllers are on its completely different to my setup and its really driving me crazy on how to understand why this is happening.


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    I solved this problem by changing my audio interface latency settings! EASY FIX!

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