midi playback expects lowest note at c1, but recording from maschine2 into live puts it at c3

osx10.11.6 El Capitan

Ableton Live 9.6.2

NI Maschine2 (version 2.5.0) accessed as a VST plugin from Live.

Following this protocol: http://makebeatsnewyork.com/2015/01/maschine-live-midi-control/, this works great when I drag midi notes from Maschine2 into Live, using the special button that Maschine2 provides for doing the drag and drop.

However, if I record midi directly from the attached NI Maschine Mikro controller into Live as MIDI notes, they get recorded starting at note C3 instead of at note C1. So then when I try to play them back, I hear silence. This is fixed by, in Live, selecting all the notes and dragging them down two octaves so that the lowest note on the drum rack (the kick) starts at C1 instead of C3. Then playback works fine.

Q: how can I get the midi notes to record starting at C1 instead of at C3...?




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    Solved this finally with the help of https://www.native-instruments.com/forum/threads/maschine-2-2-recording-midi-into-ableton-update.230082/

    The secret settings in the Maschine2 VST plugin screen are:

    1. All rack sounds selected with shift click, then-> Sounds -> Input -> Thru = OFF (! solves the midi loop problem that was lurking)
    2. Still with All sounds selected, go to Group -> set Active = True, Set Root note to C3. Thru should stay off. This solves the record in one octave, plackback in another problem.
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