Midi Overload During Set

During a set, we suddenly lost playback on our midi tracks (click and cues) and audio track (running Loops). We also send lyric slide changes to FOH via the midi network, this lost connect at the same time as well. It only happens on a specific song during some heavy synth parts from two MIDI keyboards running Reason patches (ReWired). These patches started working again but the MIDI and Audio tracks simply just stopped. Is this MIDI overload? Is it my Reason Patches? It happens when we play both keyboards at the same time.

My Midi options have a few ports sending an receiving info to the network IAC drivers and MIDI controllers.

Here is my setup.

Ableton 9
Reason (ReWire)
Various VSTs (The Giant, Omnisphere...but were not being used at the moment)
Launchpad and Akai mpk88 as keyboard controllers.




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