MIDI notes being sent twice to External Instrument

I have hooked up an Ultranova to my Ableton Live ( 9.5 on OS X 10.11.3 ).

As described in this document - https://www.ableton.com/en/help/article/using-external-synthesizers-live/ I have set up an External Instrument for it, however I am having the issue that notes are being sent twice to the UltraNova.

Local mode is off on the UltraNova and it still happens if I originate notes on another MIDI keyboard. 

If I disable MIDI track out for the UltraNova having set up the External Instrument it only now works as documented.

If I eschew the External Instrument and just set up a MIDI out track and and an Audio input track it works, though obviously I'm not going to get the automatic delay compensation any more and have a more involved freeze procedure.

This seems erroneous to me, but I am new to using external hardware with Ableton, so perhaps I have missed something? 



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    Same thing for me.

    Does anybody has an answer to this?


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    If Live sends double midi signals, the first thing you should do is make sure that you have set up all channels and routing correctly. Sounds obvious, i know :-)

    Second: i don't know why, but some synths simply don't seem to work correctly when using an external instrument device. Had the same problem with my Nord Lead 2. All other synths work fine with a rack, but that one did not. Workaround by using separate midi and audio channels, like you described already. You can still enter a delay compensation, but this will have to be done by using the delay compensation box under every channel.

    Recording is still basically the same: if you want to freeze an external instrument track, you still need to record the audio. Delay compensation is not automatic on instrument racks: it also has to be set up manually.

    Still, if you are getting double midi notes, something is going wrong in the routing. 

    Are you getting double midi signals, or are you getting a double sound? If it is a double sound-signal, it might also be some sort of direct monitoring setting on your interface. 

    This is meant for playing live without delay and goes directly to the output. The midi sent from Live however, goes through the system and causes a slight delay. So you will hear 2 separate notes when you only play one. Make sure that this function is turned off.


    Hope this helps!



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  • winjer
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    Turn the Monitor volume knob on your Ultranova all the way to the "Synths/Inputs" side

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