MIDI Note Quality: Push2 vs Other Controllers

I'm noticing a distinct difference in external analogue synth sound quality between live Push2 and keyboard controller MIDI input. My analogue synths produce significantly better volume, velocity, sustain, etc. characteristics when inputting live MIDI from my various keyboard controllers or even mouse operated software keyboards compared to a Push2 performance. I also notice that pre-recorded MIDI clips often yeild a much flatter sound from my external synths than that resulting from the original performance. The issue occurs with or without the external instrument plugin.

Although music production isn't my primary profession; I've been using DAWs for 16 years, have decent engineering skills, read the Ableton manual, tried various pad settings and understand proper routing / port setup.

I've been avoiding this question since it seems odd enough for me to worry about imagining things; but after mustering enough courage to report on loud pops and clicks coming from my Push2 and having tech support tell me they're well aware of these normal sounds (that my Push1 never made) - I have a newfound confidence for ridiculous sounding questions.

In short, is anyone else experiencing this and is there a solution if so?


giantsteps 1 year ago | 0 comments

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