MIDI Mapping: Record/play by scene rather than clip slot?

I'm trying to use my Traktor Kontrol X1 for some mappings.  I've mapped a button to start recording a clip on a track.  No problem.  I have a few questions though:

  • Is it possible to map a MIDI button to apply to the current scene clip spot rather than the specific clip number?  As in, I want to be able to scroll down to the next scene and have the top clip launch button trigger the top clip in the current scene, not clip number 1 in the track.  Possible?

I guess what I'm asking in general is how to make my MIDI mappings stick to scenes rather than specific clips and clip positions? I need my mappings to be clip and slot agnostic.

I have Max for Live, if that helps =)

Any advice would be great, thanks!


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  • colonp
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    You can easily bind a MIDI button to launching a scene as you would for clips.

    In Options->Preferences->Record Warp Launch, there's an option for recording "by scene" (at the bottom).

    Also you can remove stop/record buttons from a clip (right click the empty click slot); so a scene can contain "stuff" for only 1 or more instruments.

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