Midi mapping Live 9 to Apogee GIO foot pedal

Howdy all,


Just wondering if anyone has some experience with mapping track sends to the buttons on the apogee GIO.


The reason I am doing this is so I can set up a bunch of returns for the mono audio input I am running my guitar through then using the buttons on the GIO, be able to turn off and on the send signal.  This is so I can set up effects racks that simply come on when I activate the send know (i want the button on the gio to turn on full at 0db when i click the gio button then return to inf when i click it again).  This way, delays and reverbs may continue on the return track without being cut off unnaturally.


So far I can map an instant on/off from the send on the track to the bio button, but as soon as I unpress the button, it returns to inf so I want the button to act more as an on/off switch rather than a momentary switch.


Also, I am wondering if it is possible to map the LED colours as well on the GIO, much in the same way GIO does automatically with MainStage and logic.


I love the way the GIO and MainStage work together in this way, but I am more interested in using ableton live using max and generally more dynamic effects racks.


Any insight much appreciated!




Matt D'Penguin


matthew.hill 4 years ago | 2 comments

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  • MilesChelsea
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    I can't even connect my gio to the midi mapping, how do you do that?

    And have you gotten your answer yet for this?

    - Brodie

    2 months ago | 0 comments

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