Midi-mapping for on/off ; Frequency; Q of an autofilter

my problem is that i want to filter a chain with the autofilter  but the autofilter should only be activated when i adjust my knobs from an apc40


--> for exampel : 8 chains get into one chain where the auto filter is

1. i adjusted the autofilter to a high-pass filter

2. i klick on the midi-map button right corner and midi-map frequency to the knob

 and the Q (resonance)


(Only to understand :--> now i can adjust this high-pass filter in one knob for frequence und Q , now its like  an oblique line from middle left side to the high right corner when i use the knob)

3.now the problem : when i adjust the high-pass-filter to the full Eq spectrum--> all frequencies from 30hz-19Khz the low frequencies rumble very strong.... stronger as i deactivate /0 the autofilter

4. so i want that when i adjust the knob the filter get dectivated when the full eq spectrum is already there... --> in this case i would have the HP-effect and now rumbling low-Frequencies at full spec

5. so i midi-mapped the on/off button on autofilter to the knob

Important: then i were in the midi-mapping window and adjusted when the on/off effect should be activated ...> i adjusted 20 ( lowest knob ratio for OFF (everything under this number means autofilter off )) and 127 for highest rate ( means i can adjust the filter to the highest freq. but it dont switch off there because i have the maximum number ->1279

6. i tried my midi-map: i adjust the knob and from ane millisecond to another the filter jumps from ON ; 50 Hz to 19000Hz; ON ......


why does the filter make this jump ? how can i adjust it so that it gets a smooth adjustment ??


thank you for answering my question--> sry  for my bad englisch :-)


berlinapparell 6 years ago | 0 comments

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  • poba23
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    How can we use the "Q" on the new autofilter please ?

    Kind regards.


    1 year ago | 0 comments
  • jonasbj
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    Hi there,

    is this what you want?:


    "Macro 1" represents your knob on the apc40 and the limiter is there just for testing purposes.

    6 years ago | 0 comments

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