midi map relative positions of tracks to midi controller ?

Hey everyone!

I recently bought a AkaiMPK49 to have more fun while producing and performing with live.

Let me try to explain my Problem.

Lets say I Have my Kick on the 1. Channel and I mapped a fader to the volume of this channel. But now I want to move the Kick to lets say the second channel and have for example vocals on the first one. Now the first Fader on my Controler will still control the kick volume (which is on the second spot) although I want it to control the new 1. channel which is the Vocals)... Is there a way to map the faders to a certain Postion where they stay even if I move around the tracks? 

The Live Lite Preset on the MPK49 works that way but only for faders 1-8 on Bank A. I wanted to have the faders on Bank B to be the volume controls for channels 9-16...

I would be reaally happy if someone could help me!!

greetings Pino

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pino96 1 year ago | 0 comments

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