MIDI learn to Looper Clear button from M4L Arpeggiator?

I'm trying to send two separate (one delayed just a bit) midi notes via M4L "arpeggiator". Since I cannot automate Loopers "clear" function I need to send 2 notes with one step on a foot pedal board (1. to start a new looper and 2. to clear the original looper). I was hoping that there was a way to send a 2 note arpeggio from one track to another and MIDI learn that 2nd note to the looper clear. I've created the 2 note arpeggio but can't seen to get the MIDI routing correct to accept the note in MIDI learn mode.

Possible?? Or perhaps a better way? A M4L object that allows loopers clear automation already out there?

xoxox, aK

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altmuse 4 years ago | 0 comments

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