MIDI latency

I can't play a software instrument with an external MIDI controller without extreme latency.  This is ridiculous.


I have a Mac Pro.  I have a UAD Apollo quad on FW800.  I have Live Suite 8.4.2  I've been using Live since version 7.


I can not use Roland V drums to trigger sounds of either a drum rack or a third party drum synth (EZ Drummer) without massive latency.  The buffers are set to 128, but it doesn't matter; the latency is huge.  This is discouraging.

I have an Akai MPK25 that works okay, but the Roalnd V-drums have HUGE latency just for the MIDI data.


I tried the same set up in Logic X and it worked flawlessly.  I don't like Logic.  I prefer Ableton, but this MIDI latency is such a debilitating issue.  I'm at my wits end and am considering abandoning Ableton.  This poor MIDI performance and awful support are the reason I have not upgraded to version 9 of Live.


Has anyone figured out why Ableton sucks so bad with external MIDI controllers?  Any help?


dcm_guitar 3 years ago | 0 comments

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  • [daw] Ableton staff
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    Hi dcm_guitar, 

    I just performed a quick search in our support tool, but I could only find 2 cases where you inquired technical support. 

    One closed case from 2012, where we could help you out and you stated that things have improved in the end, and one open case, which you have created just today. 

    So unless you haven't opened any other cases from a different email address, we would kindly ask you to refrain from statements like "awful support" throughout different answers threads. 

    We have seen your email from today and we will get back to you shortly. I know that some issues can cause a lot of frustration, but please be patient and we will try to look into things. 

    Best regards, 


    3 years ago | 0 comments

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