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I bought an Ableton Library called Metallix,

and I have several others I am using. A lot of times with these libraries I notice that not all of the keys on the midi keyboard are mapped.

Is there a way I could see which ones are actually going to play sound in the Ableton Midi map?


The help would be appreciated..


Another thing I noticed,

when I play the note within the keyboard with the headphone option selected I can hear it,

but when I actually draw it out and try to play it along with everything else I cannot hear anything.


I have verified this effects multiple instruments and keys. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here..


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  • ShelLuser
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    It heavily depends. If you own Suite (so you have access to the Sampler device) then you can open the devices and check out the sampling device yourself. Its most likely a Simpler device which has been transformed from Sampler.

    As such; use the option "Simpler -> Sampler" (right click on the device title bar), open the zone editor and from there select the key zones (key button). That will show you to which key ranges the device will respond.

    If you don't have Suite (or Sampler) then there's only trial and error. Or perhaps the device manual mentions some of this....


    The second issue could be caused by routing. Pull up the IO section, see what's up. There's too little to go on to answer it. But its possible to have your headphones routed to a different output than the main score.

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  • david.barker
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    Hi there
    I have  bought Metallix as well

    What I noticed is some presets have a  arp attached to them,and found if you have it turned up then the notes drawn at length wont play
    Turn the arp off and draw in notes ,that should solve the issue.

    The other answer,is to check your keyboard preferences,and set it so that your keyboard  can receive midi to and from your keyboard,(the midi indicator,on the right will flash,as you hit a key)
    If you have your keyboard transposed ,set say an octave higher,then there is a chance of the keys not showing in the midi editor

    Its a case of trial and error,but mine does show up in the midi editor,when I hit a key,so if you have a transpose button,try that ,and play a key
    I believe  (although not sure),some presets are mapped so that only a portion of the keyboard will play

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