Midi Implementation Chart for Ableton Softsynths


Hi, I'm wondering if there is a midi Implementation chart for Live 9. For instance, if you look at the general midi implementation:


you'll see that Decay Time for instance is CC # 79. Is there such an implementation for Live instruments? So rather than rely on ctrl/cmd+M I can reliably automap all my instruments (by setting a knob on my controller to send CC #79, knowing that that's decay time) so no matter what Live set I'm working or what instrument I'm working on all my mappings are saved.

The basic problem I'm trying to solve, is on my MPK25 I can program in custom presets. Now if I map one preset to control Analog for instance, the only way I can access this mapping is by opening up the live set in which I've mapped Analog. Or saving that set as the default. But say I have two instances of Analog, my mapping can only control one of them-- and I'd have to remap the entire controller to the other instance in order to use this. Ideally I'd like to map say, channel 1 to Analog 1 and channel 2 to Analog 2 and be able to just switch channels on my controller to control either instrument. 

Thanks so much for anyone who can answer this. 

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