MIDI events being "seen" - what am I missing?

Howdy -

Total noob here, running the Alesis Lite version while evaluating for possible upgrade.

OK - I have a MIDI track (in arrange view), I've assigned a controller input and a placed a vsti on the track.  I play the controller, the vsti responds.  So far, so good.

I arm the track with overdub on, and play something - it get's recorded, both audibly and visibly (I can see the events, and a "clip header" gets created).  And WHILE THE TRACK IS STILL ARMED I can hit play - in either Arrangement or Session views - and the events play back.

BUT - the moment I dis-arm the track, or uncheck ovedub,  the clip header "whites out" and will not play in either view.  The events are still visible, the timeline is moving across them, and I can still play the track manually - but the midi events I just recorded are not being "seen".

Been thru the online help, and the manual pdf , or I wouldn't be here.  Is it necessary to somehow "confirm" or "promote" these events?  I've gotta be missing something obvious - it can't possibly be this obtuse to do basic midi sequencing, Live never could have gotten as far as it has if that were so.

And for the record - as regards my primary need for the software - hosting vsti's in a performance environment - Live so far has been, quite frankly, rather brilliant.  Couldn't be happier - but this first foray into sequencing has left me utterly baffled.

Any help appreciated - thanks!


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