Midi Dummy CLips -Sending automation from different midi tracks

I hope you can help; I have been using ableton live from Version 1,and i cannot get trough this problem.
I have a midi track with a midi device that has lots of parameters.
What i would like to achieve is create other midi tracks, each of them sending automation changes to the  different parameters of the track holding the original device.
The idea is to have midi clips on these tracks, that are automating the parameters on the first track.
I think this can be done with midi dummy clips, but have not been able to achieve it.
Thanks a lot!


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    I see this question is a few months old, but since I recently wanted to do the same thing (send automation from a clip in one to track to a parameter in another track), and I didn't find a simple explanation for how to do it (other than the cludgy old, latency-creating IAC / Midi Yoke midi out and in trick), I figured I'd post this for the benefit of others, and probably myself in the future.

    I was pretty sure I'd done it before using Max for Live, and after some digging I found the map8 device, which is part of the Max for Live Essentials pack:


    Obviously, you need Max for Live for this to work. To use it, create a midi track and put map8.amxd on it. Create a clip in the midi track, double-click on the clip, and open the envelopes section. In the top drop-down menu in the envelopes section, select map8, then select macro 1 in the lower drop-down menu. Create an envelope for that parameter.

    Then go to the map8 device on the track, click on the Map button on row 1 under Parameter, and it will start blinking. The next Live parameter control that you click, on any track you like, will be mapped to that macro, and the clip's envelope will be controlled by the envelope you created. You can do the same thing with macros 2-8.

    The issue I've been running into with this is that seemingly randomly the automation will turn off. This may just be something I'm doing though. Since the Re-enable Automation button is global, and does a lot of things you may not want, if you're using push you can just use Shift + Automate to reenable automation for the device you're looking at. (this tip is mainly directed to my future self)

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