midi device on/off at start of new clip in session view

Is there any way to accomplish this? I have a midi clip that I want to have a low pass filter on in one scene, and then a different effect on in the next scene. I tried reading about dummy clips, but it doesn't seem to work for a midi clip....

Am I just missing something big here?



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    One way you could accomplish this....

    1. Group Effects : Group all of the effects on the MIDI channel by selecting all of the devices and hitting CMD + G or CTRL + G - this will automatically group the effects into an Audio Effect Rack.
    2. Set Up Chains: On your newly created Effect Rack, click the "Show/Hide Chain List" button on the left of the rack. Create a "Chain" for each effect you'd like to be able to turn off/on by right clicking and selecting "Create Chain". If you would like to use several effects in combination with one another - you can also drop multiple effects into each of the chains. You may even want to create a chain called "Dry" with nothing on it.  
    3. Edit Chains: Just above your list of chains click the yellow "Chain" button (next to "Hide") which will allow you define the zones for each chain. Starting with the first chain, click and drag the blue zone marker to the right of the chain to "1-1". Do the same for each chain, assigning each it's own zone (you would drag the marker for the second chain to 2-2, etc.)  
    4. Clip View: Lastly, you'll just want to switch over to "Clip View' so that you can see all of the information for a particular clip. Click the small circular "E" button in the bottom left to show the envelope information for that clip. From here select "Audio Effect Rack" in the "Envelopes" panel and choose "Chain Selector" in the box underneath that. Now you can drag the red line on the right to whichever chain you'd like to use on that particular clip. 

    Here is a great video to check out on this subject. The only thing he doesn't show that might be of interest to you is Step 4, where you would assign each clip a chain.



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    Amazing answer - just what I was looking for !!!

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    Great answer, thank you

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