MIDI Ctrl - 64 Hold Pedal / Sustain Issue in Clip Envelopes

I'm having a consistent issue with my live sets and it's been bugging me for over a year now.
I love using the sustain pedal (or MIDI Ctrl -> 64 Hold Pedal in the clip envelope). I usually crank it up on certain clips because I haven't found a way to do it in the arrangement view envelopes yet. Anyhoo, I usually just put it up to 100% (or a value of 127) across the whole clip. Everything is fine up until I save the project and come back to it.
When I reopen the set, I'll start my track and it sounds like all the clips I put MIDI Ctrl - 64 Hold Pedal to 100% do not have any sustain on them at all! I.e., they're playing as if the damper/sustain pedal isn't being pushed down whatsoever, even though I definitely automated it myself before saving. 
When I go down to the individual clip envelopes, the value of the MIDI Ctrl is still automated at a value of 127/100%. When I drag the value down a little bit (say to 120), play the track, then bring it back up to 127, the sustain comes back as it was before I saved and exited the program.
This is a really annoying issue and I am simply sick of it. Apologies for venting. Has anyone experienced something similar and found a fix?


Ark Arsenal 2 years ago | 0 comments

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