please help..

have struggled to find an answers to this on the forum.,.,

i am trying to adjust the transpose wheel of an audio sample using my midi mapped wheel on my keyboard, however when i midi map the wheel /assigning the button, it is assigned to to the transpose of every clip in Ableton. 

is there a way to solely map the transpose button for just a single audio clip ??

i am in transpose / pitch shift hell 





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    Hi! I usually just produce in Ableton (don't do a lot of live stuff with it) so I hadn't encountered this problem, that's really weird. Googled around a bit and apparently there's nothing you can do about it. However, it only transposes the clips in the track you have selected, so it leaves all the unselected tracks alone when you bend the wheel, which might help a little.

    Here's an article about a more elaborate workaround: http://djfrobot.blogspot.nl/2010/03/using-midipipe-to-have-better-control.html

    Another option might be using a pitch shift VST on each track and assigning a different MIDI knob to each instance of the VST.

    Hope they just add this feature to next version of Ableton though!



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