Midi controller instant mapping device controller knob 1 of 8

Not sure if all controllers are like this in Live but a couple I have (Launch Control XL and APC 40 mkii) are set up with 8 dedicated "device" knobs.

If I don't map any of these then the first knob can be use to control the last parameter that I've clicked on in a VSTi.

Does anyone know what that feature is called in Ableton? I can't find a description of this in the user manual but want to learn more about it because I really like using it but as soon as I map a device control using the "Configure" button I lose that magic knob as it is replaced with device control mappings that are fixed.


 Would be nice to assign this feature to dedicated knob that I don't use for anything else but because I don't know what this feature is called in Ableton I'm finding it hard to find any info on it.


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    Okay I worked out that as long as you 'configure' only 7 of the 8 knobs then you still have that magic re-assignable-on-the-fly on knob 8. But configuring 8 knobs mean you lose the magic knob. Now this is only for VSTi as Ableton devices are already instantly mapped.

    Does anyone know if I can have that re-assignable-on-the-fly knob available to all devices and VST and for that matter the mixer etc..? Would be pretty sweet... as I say I can't find what the name of this feature is... if I could then maybe it would be easier to find out more in the manual etc. Anyway anyone with more experience with this feature please shout out :)

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