MIDI controller can control parameters, but not synths

So, I have a controller that is successfully sending MIDI over an IAC bus (OSX) into Ableton which can be mapped to parameters. The green box top-right lights up, but I cannot use it to play notes on a synth/sampler or any MIDI channel. The MIDI channels are armed, and set to Auto/In, All channels. The channel selector drop down shows no MIDI bounces when CC or Notes are given, even though all this data shows up fine in a MIDI monitor program.  In the preferences track & remote are enabled on the input, but off for the output.


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    what kind of midi controller are you using? your making sure that the synth track is armed?  it wont play if its not armed...also you didnt mess with the inputs and outputs in the preferences menu?  Ableton does a pretty good job of auto enable.  one more thing (because ive had midi trouble too) are you using windows?  windows 7 i found that there was an update somewhere along the way that messes with the built in midi.dat file. one day my midi controller stopped working and found that many people with win 7 had the same problem 

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