MIDI Clock syncing issues.


I'm currently involved in a Live Electronic band, and I'm running Ableton basically as a vocal and drums effects rack. There's no click track being used, and the easiest way for me to sync Ableton to what we're playing is using a Korg Kaoscillator Pro as a MIDI clock master. This works perfectly for syncing any of the rhythmic based effects.

My problem comes when I want to start launching samples. I have an APC40 and want to use this to launch samples, but the transport bar is turned off when I put Live in EXT mode. I realise that Ableton wants to receive Song Start Data to launch the samples. is there any way of turning this off?

Any other ideas would be much appreciated.


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    you should have a transport signal coming through the kaoscillator...a midi clock signal...

    If not try to have the sync the other way around...



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