MIDI capture all inputs, even when Live is not recording.

Not sure how to explain this clearly enough as my googling has come up empty but here goes
A while a go I found (and evidently lost) a piece of software that allows you to capture MIDI note data even when global record is switched off.
It keeps recording MIDI input even though the global record button is off in case you play a melody you really dig or to multi track takes. Does anyone know the software or know of an elegant way of doing this in live?


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    Yes, this is what the Capture Recording function in Logic Pro does, which is a super awesome feature that I too was looking for, but was unable to find in Ableton... until now.

    Google "Retake for Max," and from there you can download the Max plugin created by denleschae (many thanks to you sir!), which will do the exactly what you are looking for.






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