Microphone Connection Issues using M-Audio M-Track

I have just purchased an M-Audio M-Track Interface that came with Ableton 9 Live Lite.

it's all been set up but I cant get the microphone to work through Ableton. I have watched many videos & tutorials to try & sort it out but nothing is working for.

I am based in Australia so I can not get into contact with the support team in Berlin, this is my best chance!


Someone HELP please!!!!





daniellepaterson 2 years ago | 0 comments

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    Hard to tell where the problem is. But some things to check:
    - make sure input volume is turned up, depending on model/mic inputs.
    - depending on type of microphone: make sure it is turned on/receiving power.
    - make sure m-audio is selected as audio interface in preferences and check if the used inputs have been activated in the in/out settings.
    - open an audio track, set input to the correct channels of your interface.
    Set it to 'ext in', set monitor to 'in'.
    - Live should now be getting a signal when you talk into the mic.

    Did you ty all of that?

    2 years ago | 0 comments

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