Max patch that creates clips based on bar setting ?

Does anyone know if its possible to have live create new clips armed to record continuously based on the bar settings ? so you can for example set the bar to 4 arm the track to record and live will create a new clip every 4 bars ready for you to play into until you hit stop .  I know you could sort of achieve this by simply recording into the arrange page but wouldn't it be nice to have the ability to easily record take after take into clips then pick your favorites . 


mattsterp 7 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Dennis DeSantis Ableton staff
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    Surely there's an automatic way to do this with MfL, but I'm not personally aware of such a device that exists already.

    However, here's an almost-automatic workaround (requires you to press a mapped controller, like a pedal) which can achieve something similar:

    1. in Session View open the context-menu on one of the scenes in the Master track and enable both "Select Next Scene on Launch (Pref)" and "Trigger Recording on Launch (Pref)"
    2. enter MIDI Map Mode and map some controller (a footswitch is ideal for hands-free recording) to the Scene Launch mapping target (note that this target is only available when in MIDI Map Mode - it's hidden during normal Live use)
    3. press your footswitch to start recording and also advance to the next scene. Press again to record/advance. Repeat as necessary.

    This isn't a perfect solution; you still need to advance manually, and Live isn't aware of any bar settings. But this is a quick way to record lots of takes with a minimal amount of user interaction.

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  • mattsterp
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    Thank you so much that is a great idea  not quite what i had in mind but that will certainly suite my purposes . thanks again BTW i love your live packs 

    7 years ago | 0 comments

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