Max for Live - delay signal added and long latency on effects in Buffer Shuffler

Strange issue I'm seeing with latest 9.0.6 Ableton and Max 6.1 on Win7.

When I add Buffer Shuffler to a track, I get the following situation:

The shuffler will take up to a measure to affect the signal, and most strangely, the notes are echoed even with no delay - that is, I hear an echo of the source signal - even though the track is dry! Very strange. Other than that, everything functions wonderfully. Has anyone else noticed this problem?


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  • sN6
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    Figured I'd bump this, as I'm having the same issue as well.  Buffer Shuffler outputs a full bar late, and continues to play for a full bar after the input signal is stopped.  Have this problem on Live 9.1.4 32 and 64 bit on Mac OSX 10.9, as well as on Windows 7 Home 64 bit.  The issue persists regardless of whether or not I'm using an external soundcard or just the internal output on both machines, and I've messed with the delay compensation and buffer size in the preferences to no avail.  

    Any info on how this can be fixed would be much appreciated, as I love the buffer shuffler and it's really cumbersome to have to bounce everything I do with it to audio and then re-align it with my track.

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  • mcbpete
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    It's the nature of the effect: It grabs a measures worth of sound and then reorders chunks of them to the chosen order you've selected - so unfortunately it can't predict what sound will be falling into the buffer before it rearranges it.

    As an analogy, if I told you to rearrange 4 words in reverse order ('Once upon a time' becomes 'time a upon Once')- It's a simple task but you'd first have to hear all four words before you could carry out the task. It's the same thing here - It has to hear an entire measures worth of sound before it can then do something with it.

    (Hope that makes sense !)

    3 years ago | 1 comment

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