Max 4 Live [2010] with Live 9 Standard


I used to upgrade on the standard branch from Live 5 up to 8. In August of 2010 I bought a license for Max for Live.

I'm planning to upgrade to Live 9 Standard, but I'm unsure about what will happen to my Max for Live license.

My Account lists the following software avaliable for a licensed download:

  Live 8 Download -- Version 8.4.1, 846.5 MB

  Max for Live -- Version 5.1.9

When I upgrade to Live 9 Standard, will I be able to install Max for Live "into it" and then have the latest version of Max for Live, like in Live 9 Suite?

I'm not planning to upgrade to Suite.


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    Just upgraded. The result should answer the question:

    Live 9 Standard (Upgrade) - Version 9.1, 668.6 MB

    Max for Live - Version 6.1

    4 years ago | 0 comments

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