Maschine playback gets stucks, mid pattern.

So I just recently picked up Maschine Mikro during the NI summer sale, must admit the learning curve has been a bit steep, but I am getting there. 


My problem is this.. I have created an instance of maschine in Live, created some patterns, and started arranging them as scenes,  Now when I hit playback, maschine starts just fine, runs through the scenes ie. it gets towards the last scene maschine plays the first few notes of the pattern and then sort of creates its own loop and gets stuck just looping the same notes over and over. No longer moving through the scenes stuck in just one spot.


I did save the project, and try it in stand alone mode to find he same results.  Any help would be great.

PC acer i5 8g win 8.1(updated)

Live 9 suite (updated)

focusrite scarlett 6i6

maschine mikro



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    So I got the problem sorted, open preferences, go to midi tab, make sure the maschine sync button is clicked on. Also I read up on the maschine grid in the manual. Must admit I love maschine with live however the curve has been a bit steep for me. All part of the game I guess.

    3 years ago | 0 comments

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