Maschine in Drum Racks?

Hi, sorry if this is already posted and answered somewhere, but search here and in google isn't finding me the answer.

I recently got Push (so badass!) and have found that I can dump maschine into a drum rack, set receive to "all", and Group A is then step sequence-able from Push. Cool, cool! However, if I then want to use another soundset on Group B . . . I'm lost.

Thought maybe one external instrument per pad might work, similar to how you set up Maschine in Live with MIDI tracks and such, but then you're not able to utilize pads 1-16 it seems. At least not as they would be utilized in Maschine. E.g. you'd get the kick drum from A, but the note "C" from Pad2/Group B, another note "C" from Pad3/GroupC, etc.

Any ideas?


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    After some (LOTS) of mucking about, here's what I've found - which not so coincidentally ties into using Maschine/Ableton together . . .
    For what it's worth, I've set this as my default template in Live as well.  Also, it's still in progress as I've found a few bugaboos I'd like to personally fix.
    In Live:
    • Create 8 Midi Tracks, name them Maschine A, Maschine B, Maschine C, etc;, The letter is to reference the Maschine group.
    • Select all 8 tracks and group them.  Name the group "Maschine".
    • Put Maschine on "Maschine A" and right click and "Group to Drum Rack".  Name the drum rack "Maschine Rack"
    • Set Maschine receive in drum rack to All.
    • Add Ext Inst to B, C, D, Etc.
    • Set each Ext Inst as "MIDI To: Maschine A and then the associated Maschine output - for example doing this under Maschine B, the 2nd piece should read "2 - Maschine".  Do the same for C (would be "midi to: Maschine A and 3 - Maschine), and D, and how many other Maschine groups you plan on using.
    In Maschine:
    • Click on each group starting with B, click the Group button in Maschine and then the Out button.  Set the Main out to the associated channel. E.g. B wold be 2, C would be 3, D would be 4, etc.
    • Next,  while on the same group, right-click the first sound and go to "sound midi settings".
    • Click Enable and change the MIDI channel to the correct number Live needs.  ex: Group B is Maschine B in Live, it's also track 2, so change the MIDI channel to "2".  
    • If you want to add another drum kit to a Group other than A, let's use B as an example, right-click the Group in Maschine, click Sound MIDI Batch Setup, select Sounds to MIDI Notes and change the MIDI Channel.  In this case, since it's B, and accounting for the above, you'd want to set the MIDI Channel to 2.  If for some reason you just want to play the first pad of the Maschine kit/group as a scale, don't add a drum rack.  If you want all of the pads to be addressed in Live though, (and note this is said with using Push in mind), right click your Ext Inst in B and "Group to Drum Rack".  BOOM, new kit step-sequencable in Live/PUSH.
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  • mylkoa
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    This tutorial, with pictures, made it super-easy and fast for me to setup.

    Thanks, you are the best, TekMonki!!!

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    You are a legend.

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    The Push VST Bridge lets you load any Maschine kit with routing into a drum rack.  You have to own Maschine for this to work of course.

    Now the bridge loads Maschine 2.0 kits and expansions from Push's browser as drum racks.
    They are also preconfigured with 16 channel audio routing back into the chains for FX - time saver.
    For nicer control and M4L users we made a device to map 8 macros of each chain into the Maschine 2.0 vst.  128 parameters are preconfigured in total for every kit.  This workflow lets you keep your composition and automation in Ableton's clips for the Maschine VST.  And you can use Push's per step automation without looking at the computer screen.
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  • TekMonki
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    Just to update the last part of "In Maschine" (found a resolution!) . . .

    Above was edited.

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