Maschine as a midi controller

Sorry to post this on Live's forum but NI couldn't help me with this.

I am having an issue to control live with my MK2 maschine.

I've done ALL the steps several times in order to control it, maschine's input and output are set up in Live preferences and nothing seem to work. i only can play notes via pad mode, proof that live is receiving midi signal but i can't press on buttons, they're all faded like and knobs doesn't work either.


Hope i'll get an answer.



Maxime Gagnier 11 months ago | 0 comments

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  • hexSPA
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    There's a thread in the NI forums about Live 9.1 and Maschine not working with the supplied template.  A fix would be great from someone.

    3 months ago | 1 comment
  • StaffaKar
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    That worked for me! But how well is yet to be seen. Lets hope they get this fixed soon!

    27 days ago | 0 comments
  • Near Earth Object
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    11 months ago | 0 comments
  • Maxime Gagnier
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    Yep, i've done all the step. seeing it wasn't working, i uninstalled maschine and reinstalled it, still nothing.

    I'm pretty frustrated.. 

    11 months ago | 1 comment
  • beshagpoor
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    Don't know if this helps or not, but I did discover a workaround after spending HOURS trying to get the supplied templates to work. I uninstalled, and reinstalled Maschine, Maschine 2 & Ableton, but still wasn't able to get it to work the way it's SUPPOSED to work. I have the Maschine MK2 hardware controller.

    Here's what I discovered...

    Install all the templates exactly like the directions tell you to install everything. Start up Ableton Live up preferences (Cmd+,) the MIDI Sync tab...under the "Control Surface" drop down, select "Maschine" not "Maschine MK2"...under the input drop down menu, select "Maschine MK2 Virtual Input"...under the output drop down menu, select Maschine MK2 Virtual Output".

    I was able to get the Maschine controller to act the way that it is supposed to act...the only downside is that the interface doesn't light up like it's supposed to light up.

    Hope that helps!

    This workaround does not work in the 9.1.2b3 beta version of Live 9.

    1 month ago | 0 comments

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