Mapping precise midi values to midi controller

I have a quick question about mapping certain precise midi values to a midi controller, i have not found this out for myself so i'm asking for help.


Let's say i map the grid of my beat repeat to a dial on my midi controller, it now lets me control the value's with this knob from 0-127. How can i set it up so that value goes from lets say 50-85 instead of the whole range of 0-127.



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  • Funk N. Furter
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    1. keep Info View open (?) and read what it says at all times
    2. right click on Beat Repeat Title Bar and select Group or click on the title bar and hit cmd G or ctrl G
    3. you have created an Audio Effect Rack. It's controls appear to the left
    4. click on the second button from the top
    5. this shows the macros
    6. note your setting on the grid
    7. right click on grid
    8. select map to macro 1
    9. click on map mode at the top
    10. choose your range in the browser


    • 7. select map mode
    • 8. click on grid
    • 9. click on macro 1

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