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I'm using a Lemur template with arrow keys which would be SO usefull to navigate my way around a DJ set to bring clips in to focus. I can't seem to find any way to map that command, though. You seem to be able to map up/down scenes pretty easily (in that little section in the master column that pops up when you go into midi map mode), but I can't for the life of me find a way to map up/down/left/right keys thatwould move through the clip view in a similar way.


Thanks a million to anyone who can help me with this.


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    I can think of a couple options off the top of my head:

    • Use Bome's MIDI Translator to convert incoming MIDI messages to keystrokes (i.e. MIDI note A = left, MIDI note B = right, etc.). This would literally be the equivalent of you pressing arrow keys on your keyboard:
    • If you have a static number of tracks in your project you can MIDI-map the track title bar to set focus on the devices, and the status area (to the right of the track's Stop button) to set focus on the currently playing clip. This would of course require a 1:1 mapping with something on the Lemur, i.e. button 1 = track 1, button 2 = track 2, etc. This is the approach I took when DJing with Live.

    Hope this helps!

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