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Probably super basic, but don't even know how to search for it. Thanks in advance xD


I want to open any sound to play it on the midi. Then, I want to use the midi to take any tone from any bank/octave (idk) and remap them onto a drum rack. 

Thanks again!

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    Drag the sound into a Sampler or Simpler. This will let you play the sound in MIDI.

    Once you've decided which note/octave you want, drag the Sampler/Simpler into one of the cells in a Drum Rack. Then click the Drum Rack's "Show/Hide Chain List" button so the chains are visible. Then click the Drum Rack's "Show/Hide Input/Output Section" button so that the Receive, Play, and Choke columns are visible. Set the note/octave for your sample in the "Play" column.

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