mapping 0to127 MIDI CC to -36to36 Looper Speed and need 64 to equal 0.00. What's the perfect min & max?

I thought I had this figured out, but a min of -31.7 and a max of 31.2 sets 64 to -0.00, which is actually slightly slower than 0.00

Here's a ten second video of the issue.{{{copy/paste the url if the embedded player won't load}}}

Any midi CC value in the 60s would work, and any min and max in the 30s would work, but the 60s CC value must equal 0.00 so the looper doesn't gradually drift off tempo.

-0.00 drifts audibly off tempo after 150 bars....

I could also just find another method to control the looper speed with one knob...

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jbaylies 1 year ago | 0 comments

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