Map APC40 Faders to 0db when fader is at top

I want to map my faders on the APC40 to be at 0db when they're at the top position. Is this possible and how do I do it? I can assign but i can't work out how to set it to 0db max at top.

I also want to map a know to be able to have a +/- 4bmp range of the current tempo - to beat match into and external source. How do I set this up?



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  • Mark One
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    This is a simple fix. When you are in MIDI Assignment Mode you will see the information about the assignments you have made appear in the Ableton explorer window. From here you can set Minimum and Maximum values for the parameters.

    If you set the volume to 0dB Max then when the controller is at full the volume parameter will be at 0dB.

    For the tempo you can set the Min and Max to 4bpm above and below the current tempo, but then you are restricted to that specific range, say 116 to 224.

    For best control you could set up two tempo controllers, one fader for full range changes (or limited from say 100 to 140 bpm) and a second control ideally an endless rotary set up to control the sub-decimal tempo value, this gives you fine control of about +/-2BPM relative to the value set with the full range controller.

    Don't forget to assign the 'Tap Tempo' and 'Nudge' buttons aswel, they're very useful for beatmatching to an external source.

    Also important is to set your Pickup Mode (Preferences, MIDI) to 'Value Scaling' or 'Pickup' so as to avoid any sudden jumps in value/tempo.

    Here's a short video incase you need to see it done :)


    Mark One (

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  • kevinreynoldsdetroit
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    I just tried this for track volumes.  I hit midi map mode and nothing shows up in left window under Midi Mappings?

    2 years ago | 1 comment
  • antarktika
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    yeah, I don't think what was posted above would work,  because you are using the APC's control surface mapping, and not assigned midi overrides, so you wouldn't have access to those from the midi assignment windows. I have a nativekontrol script on my nanokontrol that has an option to select 0-db, but I think that's using MT player (a midi translator program) Sorry I can't be of more help than that.

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  • sunglovechord
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    I have a feeling you've figured this out, but in case there are any others, it took me a while but I finally found the midi map while using the APC40MKII. You don't enter midi map mode but instead click on the map button at the top of your audio effects rack.

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