managing sounds with MPD32 for Live Performances/Sets

Hello all, 

sorry if this has been asked before but as a beginner I lack certain vocabulary and therefore might not have found previous answers to this issue. 

Anyway, I aspire to perform sets with my MPD32 and look for an approach to trigger all my clips. As I have subdivided my set into individual tracks containing various clips of synths, bass, drums..., I want to go through all of them sequently in one set to create a flow that lasts for uninterrupted 1,5 to 2 hours which means that my set consists of an awful lot of clips that need to be triggered via the pads since each baseline/drum beat/... equals a pad. 

So, you might have guessed it, I am running out of pads pretty soon when I'm trying to merge clips of multiple songs into one set with the intention of achieving a continuous flow. 

Do you have any suggestion on how to maintain my approach of playing and fusing different clips of different songs together without running out of pads or having to switch between sets to not interrupt my performance?

Thank you very much for all of your suggestions!

- M. 


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