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Hello, how do i open and manage 3th party impulse responses in the Max for Live Device Convolution Reverb?

In a Ableton blog post i found a link to some 3th party impulse responses. When i drag these files on the "drag impulse responses here", nothing happens.

I guess the IR's are in a format that is not supported, but what formats are supported by Live?

Also i downloaded 100's of IR's, how do you easily manage them in the Convolution Reverb?



apcut 11 months ago | 0 comments

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  • apcut
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    Ok found it; Some files are mac only. You can add folders with .wav files in User/My Documents/Ableton/Factory Packs/Max For Live Essentials/Max Audio Effect/Convolution Reverb

    They will then show up in Ableton

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  • mcbpete
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    If you're running Ableton in admin mode in Windows (sometimes needed for some VST/i plugins) the drag and drop facility from Windows Explorer won't normally work. What I've done is add the folder where I keep my convolution impulses into the 'Places' section on the Browser section on the left of Ableton (by clicking the 'Add Folder...' button and navigating to the required folder)

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