Major problem with automation not working and live's play button. Possible bug

this has occurred on two projects now, the 're enable automation' button will not go from orange to grey, meaning none of my automation is being used. Live seems to be randomising the automation every time I try to re enable it. As the problem went on every time you select a new track, re enable the automation, move a clip, insert a clip (etc etc) the play button is pressed and again, the automation scrambles. I've restarted live, my computer, unplugged all MIDI devices before and during the sets. Still nothing. I'm getting a MIDI signal from somewhere but not sure where. 

I'm also using PSP VSTs, most recent version of Live and most resent OSX Mavericks. 

Any ideas besides starting all of my processing again and hoping it doesn't continue? 


olihudson 2 months ago | 0 comments

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