Macro knobs affecting ALL hits/slices/instances

I really can't understand the logic behind the way macro knobs work in drum and instrument racks. Unless I've missed something, if you set a macro knob to adjust a certain parameter on a number of instances, it doesn't just affect the selected instance, i affects ALL of them. This is especially frustrating when adjusting the start and end point of a slice:

After you slice a loop to MIDI, the default preset creates a drum rack with Simplers for each slice, and a number of useful controls (ADSR controls, Start offset, Loop Length) are already mapped to macros. But if you change the Start offset of one slice, they all get adjusted. Change another slice to put it back where it was, and they all go back. Why on earth wouldn't the standard behaviour be to only adjust the currently selected slice? When would you want to adjust the starting point of every slice by the same amount? And why isn't it at least POSSIBLE to only adjust the currently selected slice/hit?

It would be so nice to be able to quickly auto-slice a loop, then hit pads on a controller to select and audition each slice, while using a couple of knobs on the controller to adjust start and end points. I know this can be done with Live 9.5 and Push 2, but what about the rest of the world who doesn't have $900 to spend on a controller?

Does anybody know how I can get macros that have been mapped to multiple hits/slices/instruments in a rack to only adjust the currently selected one?

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leonw1020 2 years ago | 0 comments

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