Mackie MCU Device Control

This is a long shot to MCU owners.

I have used the MCU for a few years and have enjoyed controlling all devices parameters easily from the faders. It's great. Now I have Push and I am kind of "forced" to change the way I manage my media and VST plugins especially which is creating a small issue I hope to find a workaround.

With VSTs I like to create a track with my effects and routings etc and have as many controls mapped to the device. I do NOT bundle this all into an instrument rack as that reduces the max parameters I have access too from the MCU to 8. What I do is simply drag the whole track to my user folder and it is nicely saved as it was. I like this way as I can also save some sample clips of the patch.

Push does not browse clips, only instrument racks and presets so if I want a version I can browse from Push I MUST create a rack. That is ok but here is the issue:

If I create a rack the MCU seems to only allow plugin control of the macro knobs. It will not step inside of the rack to the devices and I want to know if it can be done. The Push can do this fine which is great but I like using the full faders for automation.

So any ideas if I can step inside a rack with the MCU?


jestermgee 4 years ago | 0 comments

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