Macbook Retina Pro + Apogee Duet (iPad/Mac) audio crackles, drop outs


Really frustrated here.  I have a newer Macbook Retina Pro (i7 2.8, 16 GB RAM, SSD), new Apogee Duet (iPad/Mac) and the most recent version of Live 9.1.4.  

Should be a decent setup, right?  I experience audio dropouts and crackles to an extent that the setup is unusable.  This is especially true if using the grand piano pack.  Now I know these grand pianos are intensive, but shouldn't I be able to play the piano, especially if I have no other tracks open and nothing else draining CPU (even airport turned off)?  My CPU meter sticks around 21%, my disk overload light does not light up.  

Sometimes, I can get it to work flawlessly.  Sometimes it works great with a high sample rate and low buffer.  Other times I can't get it function without the aforementioned issues at 44.1 w/ 2048 samples (buffer).  Of course, at that buffer, the lag is too high to play real time.  

Is this an Apogee issue?  Can it be addressed?  I have the most recent firmware on the Duet.  Any help is appreciated, thank you!

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    Maybe try a driver update? And try adjusting buffer settings according to the manual. Hope this fixes it.

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